Mme de Boudoir


Gifted with a deep, soft voice, Lou de Boudoir recounts the loves, liaisons and escapades involving herself and others – thrilling performances from the repertoire of diseuses, chansonnières and cantantes de tango.

Her performances are stories that enchant and enthral. Lou sings everything from the simply entertaining to the sophisticated with theatrical talent and dramatic passion, all with a learned multilingualism.

from the repertoire of Madame de Boudoir

  • welcome to burlesque
  • padam. pigalle
  • se dice de mi
  • fumando espero
  • ich bin ein vamp
  • put the blame on mame
  • er heißt waldemar
  • ich bin von kopf bis fuß
  • nur nicht aus liebe weinen
  • aber der nowak
  • tango supéfiant
  • barbarasong
  • non, je ne regette rien
  • big spender
  • all that jazz
  • mein herr
  • la vien en rose
  • bel ami