Mme de Boudoir

"I know your sin I know sin sin sin you've got wings"

Lou de Boudoir, since time immemorial, has moved in a realm of intrigue and luxury: “Lady in the living room, whore in the bedroom.”

Her background and life are shrouded in mystery. Documents suggest that she is the scion of French and Hungarian noblesse, while stubborn rumours about an ominous connection to the Russian Imperial family persist; Lou’s mother is said to have been an influential mistress at court.

An old hypnotist in Budapest held séances to uncover a glamourous history in Mme de Boudoir’s several past lives:

  • As the Prince of the Magyars in late medieval Hungary, a valiant horseman and a fiery lover
  • As a diva in the personal opera troupe of a Venetian Doge with a penchant for black magic
  • As the lady of the harem to an Ottoman Sultan, who, though deformed, was endlessly endowed with wealth, spirit and sensuality. It was he from whom Lou first learned the deepest secrets of love, eroticism and seduction
  • In the depraved Tango dives in 20th century Buenos Aires, she hunted Nazi criminals in hiding as the “Velvet Scorpion”.

Whether in the promiscuous, uninhibited Paris of the fin de siècle, or in the opium dens of Shanghai on the eve of the revolution, Mme de Boudoir glides deliberately, effortlessly along the boundaries between love, hope, illusion and decay.

And, to this day, nothing has changed.

You've been warned!