Mme de Boudoir

Fantastique burlesque acts lascivious • elegant • exclusive


When a celebrated opera star gets in dramatic troubles it is the force of destiny...

"Oh, Baby!" Cosima Politan


An elegant journey back to the time of old Hollywood and the Film Noir age. A mysterious gun-toting dame, satin gown, gorgeous fur…be seduced by this intoxicating diva in a time where glamour meets intrigue.

"Wicked, secuctive, irresistible ." Édouard Tribune


A flirty and lighthearted fan & veil dance - classical burlesque with an oriental touch.

"Be Aware! Highly addictive performance." Thibaud de Temps

More of that!

a dramatic devilish diva,

a luxurious lascivious lady

a singing sumptous star;

which mystery reveals us Lou de Boudair?